About The Movement

These Unity Prayer Services were started by Pastor Scott Warner of The Bridge church.  Pastor Scott's vision was to see different churches from different denominations unite in prayer for the Transformation and Health of the city of Bridgeport.

The heart of Pastor Scott Warner for the city of Bridgeport was shared with Pastor Wendell, who agreed with Scott's vision for Bridgegport. This started a relationship with between Scott and Wendell as they worked on building on the atendance to this initiative. A year later, Pastor Scott Warner had to leave Bridgeport and requested that Pastor Wendell continue the initiative in his absense. In 2011, Pastor Wendell became the leader of Bridgeport Prayer and has lead the initiative since then.

Although, this initiative is lead by Pastor Wendell, it is not considered a Transforming Lives Church meeting .  The leading of these prayer meetings are shared between the pastors of the main churches in attendance. Gospel Light Church, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and Transforming Lives Church all take part in the monthly leadership of this initiative. 

We have seen God answer many prayers for our city and for the individuals who attend the meetings.

Lateley, the healing power of God has been manifested during these events and people have testified to being healed during these meetings.  God is doing awesome things during these meetings.  To God be the glory.

You are welcomed to attend these services. Your denomination or religious beliefs does not matter. What matters is a heart for the city of Bridgeport. We believe that prayer changes things!

We look forward to seeing you there. If you are sick or know others who are sick or crippled, bring them to these meetings.  God will meet them there!

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